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My partner and I design TTRPG and hack current TTRPG (like Lasers and Feelings). I also co-host a monthly podcast and have written for TTRPGs Orun, More Kittens and some unreleased projects. I also play games as often as I can!

I work full time in staffing and have two young children. I read, work out and spend time with my family.

Do you have a current project?

My podcast that I work on with two partners. Roll to Play. A TTRPG called North Sea Epilogues published by Garphil Games which will be released this summer.

How did you get into tabletop gaming?

My partner introduced me to Star Wars RPG about 14 years ago.

What do you love about tabletop games?

Connecting with people, creating and sharing fun stories, designing games for children, young adults and adults that are fun, can teach lessons and for young kids especially can help give verbiage to the big feelings they are learning to navigate.

Have you overcome any obstacles in tabletop gaming?

I have not personally come across gate keeping. I think being a woman at the table comes with feelings of having to prove yourself and not be typecast or expected to play specific characters.

What would your advice be to women who are interested in tabletop gaming?

Try it! Find a group who practices safety, lines and veils, use of the X card and is welcoming to all types of people. There is so much good in this community and there is no hobby quite like TTRPGs.

What kind of characters are you drawn to play?

Strong, protecting, and/or silly. I’ve been a 70’s spy who loves fashion, a midwife drow/spider combo, a Twi’lek pilot, a teenage ghoul, a goblin, skeleton, Orc, and so much more.

Is there a woman in tabletop who you think we should highlight?

So many. Misha B., Liz C., Banana Chan, Emily Careboss, Nell Raban, Amanda Khal, Morgan Nuncio, Jonaya Kemper

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