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I am the DM for the Dicey Amazons a group that has come out of the desire to feature more Women, Women of Color, and Queer people in TTRPGs. My first game of D&D was in 2000 my first year of college. I love creating the stories for my players as well as the terrain for the battle maps.

I work in the tech field and do graphic design on the side. I also write comics and poetry that I sometimes perform. Currently trying to spread the good word of D&D to kids of color through the Dicey Amazons.

Do you have a current project that you would like us to promote?

The Dicey Amazons.


How did you get into tabletop gaming?

A friend in college introduced me. We were living in the dorms and needed something to do as freshman. I jumped at the chance to create my own character!

What do you love about tabletop games?

I love that I get to create stories with my friends and getting to surprise them with the my over the top ideas, content and crafting skills.

Have you overcome any obstacles in tabletop gaming?

When I first started I was attending an inner city college in Detroit. We were in a safe space and didn’t know it. In high school I would go to comic and anime shops in the suburbs and would get odd looks and people were standoffish. When my friend left the next year in college I tried to go to a few shops and play, but was never made to feel comfortable as the only woman and usually person of color in a shop with older white men when I was 19 years old.

What would your advice be to women who are interested in tabletop gaming?

Find a way to jump in! Grab your friends and family, pick up a Starter Kit, and go for it. You will never look back. Don’t be afraid to DM either! It is a very rewarding part of the game for super creative people.

In roleplaying games, what kind of characters are you drawn to play?

Elves and Halflings are my favorite races. As for classes I like rangers and wizards. They are usually on the good side, possibly a few secrets. They like protecting people.

Is there a woman in tabletop who you think we should highlight?

I have to give kudos to my best friend Cristi @familyofadv who plays in both my groups! She started an Unplugged Club at her school and DMs D&D. She also in the last month started DM a kids group at a local game store! She never DMd before those!

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