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I am a podcaster on Heart Beats: A Heartwarming Fantasy & Rancor’s Brothel (specifically the CoC Masks of Nyarlethotep campaign).

I’m an avid podcast listener, Bethesda fangirl, and executive assistant at a real estate company.

Do you have a current project that you would like us to promote?

My first published D&D 5e one-shot adventure is being published as part of Uncaged: Volume 2 in early May.

How did you get into tabletop gaming?

That trope you’ve always heard of? That was me. I was the girlfriend brought in to play the cleric in DND 3.5e in late 2009 to keep the party from dying after their first session. I’ve been here ever since. In 2018, I branched out into non-d20 (D&D, Pathfinder) games, and it’s been a great experience to see roleplay at a whole new level with Dread, MASKS, Ryuutama, Call of Cthulhu, and more.

What do you love about tabletop games?

I love the collaborative storytelling because it taps into my love of improv and my days of amateur theatre in college. Also I like collecting dice. (I may have a dice collection and storage problem.)

Have you overcome any obstacles in tabletop gaming?

My lack of self-confidence was a huge obstacle to my own enjoyment for many years. I relied on my boyfriend and others to validate my character sheet, my roleplaying, and my space at the table. Once I made the decision to DM for an all-womxn table, I became more confident & started to feel more social tension. We played at a very supportive game store but I was still on the receiving end of some unwanted (non-verbal) attention. The gatekeeping started heavily once I entered the Twitter and social media platforms, but I’ve done a pretty good job of tailoring my timeline and blocking trolls quickly to keep myself away from the horrible toxicity of non-cis white men in tabletop and gaming spheres.

What would your advice be to women who are interested in tabletop gaming?

It’s okay to ask for a safe space. It sounds so counter-intuitive.

In roleplaying games, what kind of characters are you drawn to play?

I love playing the confident woman/non-binary who strikes true at the core of the issue – physical or not. Whether it’s a fighter dwarf, a curious human reporter, or a nosy nurse turned philanthropist, my characters always reflect my inner rage against injustice in all forms.

Is there a woman in tabletop who you think we should highlight?

Ashley Warren! RPG guru and workshop leader, creator behind the Uncaged Anthology project.

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