Chantel Jones / @Theswam24713001 on Twitter


I create D&D adventures for all the editions.

I enjoy writing my games.

Do you have a current project?

You can search Chantel Jones on DrivethruRPG. [one of her works]

How did you get into tabletop gaming?

My dad played.

What do you love about tabletop games?

The stories.

Have you overcome any obstacles in tabletop gaming?

People are weird when it comes to things that are different and as a trans Woman it’s hard sometimes.

What would your advice be to women who are interested in tabletop gaming but haven’t tried it yet?

Just do it.

What kind of characters are you drawn to play?

Assassins, Paladins, Clerics.

Is there a woman in tabletop who you think we should highlight?

Any woman that is in gaming.

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